Watch this video and more on Fit Flow Go

Watch this video and more on Fit Flow Go

Change the Energy and MOVE!

Dance for Fitness, Season 3, Episode 10 – 5m 57s

Up Next in Dance to get you going!

  • Get out of Funk!

    OK, your mood in funky. you don't feel like listening to instruction. Just put rhythm on and DANCE! Improve, move the way your body wants to, just move! Dance with Erin, you don't need to do what she's doing, she's improvising too!

  • Step Step Step Chasse'

    Need a workout? Got the blahs? Turn up the sound and just dance. It's the same steps over and over so it's easy to follow. Bring in some arm work and just have fun!

  • Step Ball Change: Cardio w/ 1 basic step

    Just Dance!
    Using a simple step, and ball change, we can get an amazing cardio workout.
    Turn up the music, follow along and just dance like no one is watching!
    (no one is) :)