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Our mission is to provide the tools to become the fittest you possible, in an format accessible anytime you need it, and have fun doing it!
Let's Get Fit and Have Fun!

  • For more Advanced Dancers

    1 season

    Various Dances not suitable for beginning dancers.

  • 1 to 2 Minute stretches

    3 videos

    Various stretches to help keep you moving

  • Ballet
    6 videos


    6 videos

    Various Ballet Instructional Videos for Strength and Posture.

  • Free workout Samples

    12 videos

    Various workouts to check out before you subscribe ;)

  • General Fitness Exercises

    11 videos

    A mix of light weight training, core and cardio to optimize your fitness level.

  • Stretch It Out
    1 season

    Stretch It Out

    1 season

    Lengthen, muscles and connective tissue to give yourself more flexibility and range of motion. Start at your first edge. or stop. Don't overstretch, work up to your optimum expression of each position slowly and consistently..

  • Move it Mondays

    5 videos

    On Mondays, it's hard to get going sometimes. So here's something for you that's just right for the day. It's not too fast or too slow but get's you in the grove for the week. Oh yeah, it works those hip flexors too!

  • Just Dance!
    1 season

    Just Dance!

    1 season

  • What is Qigong
    6 videos

    What is Qigong

    6 videos

    This clip helps to understand the way Qigong works and it's benefits.

  • Cardio stretch
    4 videos

    Cardio stretch

    4 videos

  • Get up and do something!

    8 videos

    When you're feeling low energy or depressed, this will help! Use these videos to get out of your funk!

  • Fitness Friday
    3 seasons

    Fitness Friday

    3 seasons

    On Fridays, we need to get ready for the weekend!
    Time to get strong and get fit!
    And of course: Have Fun Doing It!!

  • Welcome Warmup
    5 videos

    Welcome Warmup

    5 videos

    A 5 minute warm-up fitness session for mixed levels.

  • Qigong Clearing

    5 videos

    Qigong is an ancient Chinese energetic, internal martial art for healing and longevity. This series is for clearing stagnant energy to feel lighter and ready for the day.

  • Rainy Day Restlessness

    1 season

    Cardio and light weights to improve your mood and fitness on a rainy day, or anytime you feel in a funk!

  • Expressive Lyrical Dance

    11 videos

    Express emotions, strengthen limbs and core while lengthening the spine.

  • Dance for Fitness

    6 seasons

    Have fun learning these dances. Listen to your body and know it's only important to move and have fun. Do what you can, it's not necessary to perform the full expression of each movement. Extend to your edge and slowly expand that over time. It's a unique and fun way to improve your level of fitn...

  • Fun Step Cardio/Core Dance Instruction

    12 videos

    Build a strong core, get your heart rate up and have fun learning these dances!.

  • exercises for specific issues

    5 seasons

    Exercises, stretches and mindful tools for various issues.

  • Abdominal/core work

    2 seasons

  • Clearing
    1 season


    1 season

    Before circulating and cultivating Qi, it's best to clear your vessel of any stagnant Qi. These videos are a series of clearing techniques.