Get up and do something!

Get up and do something!

When you're feeling low energy or depressed, this will help! Use these videos to get out of your funk!

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Get up and do something!
  • Merenge - Latin hips - step step - cardio

    Feeling stuck? Weather bad? In a funk?
    You need to Move! The Merenge is for you!
    Easy to dance to and it'll put a smile on your face and a bounce to your step..
    Just Dance!

  • Step Ball Change: Cardio w/ 1 basic step

    Just Dance!
    Using a simple step, and ball change, we can get an amazing cardio workout.
    Turn up the music, follow along and just dance like no one is watching!
    (no one is) :)

  • Step Step Step Chasse'

    Need a workout? Got the blahs? Turn up the sound and just dance. It's the same steps over and over so it's easy to follow. Bring in some arm work and just have fun!

  • Change the Energy and MOVE!

    Sometimes, we just don't feel great. Maybe it's a headache, or maybe just a bad mood. Whatever the symptoms or cause, a little movement can change it! Do this 5 minute fun exercise to change it up! Smile!!

  • Rainy Day Restlessness - need to move!

    Cardio and light weights to improve your mood and fitness on a rainy day, or anytime you feel in a funk!

  • Move it Monday ~ Performance

    On Mondays, it's hard to get going sometimes. So here's a piece that's right for the day. It's not too fast or too slow but get's you in the grove for the week. Oh yeah, it works those hip flexors too!

  • Get up and do something! - Performance with Music

    A fun basic cardio dance step that will get you out of any funk.This is the performance. Use the instructional video to learn the steps then try it with Erin and the music.

  •! Instruction

    When you're feeling low energy or depressed, this will help! Use this video to learn a fun dance to get you out of your funk. Have fun!!