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Watch this video and more on Fit Flow Go

Move it Monday.part.2

Dance for Fitness, Season 6, Episode 2 – 6m 38s

Up Next in Move it Mondays

  • Step Step Step Chasse'

    Need a workout? Got the blahs? Turn up the sound and just dance. It's the same steps over and over so it's easy to follow. Bring in some arm work and just have fun!

  • Move it Monday ~ Performance

    On Mondays, it's hard to get going sometimes. So here's a piece that's right for the day. It's not too fast or too slow but get's you in the grove for the week. Oh yeah, it works those hip flexors too!

  • Step Ball Change: Cardio w/ 1 basic step

    Just Dance!
    Using a simple step, and ball change, we can get an amazing cardio workout.
    Turn up the music, follow along and just dance like no one is watching!
    (no one is) :)