Dance for Fitness

Dance for Fitness

6 Seasons

Have fun learning these dances. Listen to your body and know it's only important to move and have fun. Do what you can, it's not necessary to perform the full expression of each movement. Extend to your edge and slowly expand that over time. It's a unique and fun way to improve your level of fitness!

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Dance for Fitness
  • Lunchtime Ballet

    Episode 1

    Ballet Instructional Video for Strength and Posture

  • Basic Ballet Warm-up

    Episode 2

    A Basic Ballet Warm-up. This activates the synergy of the various muscle groups in the legs. Ballet helps any athletic endeavor be optimal.

  • Ballet 5 min basic warm-up: plies, tendus, etc.

    Episode 3

    Prepare for dance or any exercise with this traditional ballet warm-up, No Instruction, just follow Erin through Tendus, Plies', Attitudes to Développé, ect.. enjoying the leg and core workout with a Latin music feel..

  • Ballet Petit Allegro

    Episode 4

    A short Ballet warm-up followed by some steps:
    Glissade, a sliding step that begins and ends in 5th position.
    pas de chat, meaning step like a cat. Great for strengthening hip flexors and calf muscles.