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Watch this video and more on Fit Flow Go

Lunchtime Ballet

Dance for Fitness, Season 7, Episode 1 – 7m 39s

Up Next in Ballet for Strength and Posture

  • Basic Ballet Warm-up

    A Basic Ballet Warm-up. This activates the synergy of the various muscle groups in the legs. Ballet helps any athletic endeavor be optimal.

  • Ballet 5 min basic warm-up: plies, te...

    Prepare for dance or any exercise with this traditional ballet warm-up, No Instruction, just follow Erin through Tendus, Plies', Attitudes to Développé, ect.. enjoying the leg and core workout with a Latin music feel..

  • Ballet Petit Allegro

    A short Ballet warm-up followed by some steps:
    Glissade, a sliding step that begins and ends in 5th position.
    pas de chat, meaning step like a cat. Great for strengthening hip flexors and calf muscles.