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Watch this video and more on Fit Flow Go

Clearing Toss and twist away stagnant Qi

What is Qigong – 55s

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  • Qigong Circulation.3 Dantian (Energy ...

    Circulate and activate the 3 elixir fields, the Dantian

  • Qigong Circulation moving clouds

    When moving clouds, the practitioner is encouraged to use the breath to move the arms and rotate the torso, using mental intention as well, to get out of the muscles and quiet them. This promotes maximum Qi flow.

  • The Golden Qi-Ball

    Synchronizing breath, movement and mental imagery.
    We create and manipulate a golden Qi-ball. This is a great moving meditation. It also benefits the middle Dan Tien, or elixir field. Simple to learn, practice it many times a day for 2 or 3 minutes.